Stefan and Caroline

The relationship between the vampires Stefan Salvatore and Caroline Forbes at first wasn't very strong in Season One, Caroline felt an attraction for Stefan but he rejected her immediately because he was interested in Elena. Later Caroline started dating Stefan's brother, Damon. Stefan saves her after Damon attempted to kill her. Shortly after, she started dating Matt, Elena's ex boyfriend. In Season Two it changed due to Caroline's transformation into a vampire. When Damon was about to stab Caroline, Stefan stopped him, he promised her that he would never let anything happen to her. He became a vampire mentor to her, teaching her how to control her emotions and thirst for blood. In one conversation, he told her that she reminded him to his best friend Lexi, killed by Damon.

He always takes care of her protecting her and saving her many times, they turned good friends in Season Three with visible trust in each other. They become really close by Season Four, Caroline told him that every time he feels he's about to lose control she will be there for him, she has given him pivotal emotional support and Caroline has always supported his relationship with Elena, she was the person who revealed to Stefan that Elena was sired to Damon. By Caroline, Stefan also learned that Elena had had sex with Damon. Stefan and Caroline share their secrets and always help each other, have also made team many times to achieve a goal, can call them partners in crime. Season Five, When Stefan lost his memories for a spell, Caroline was the only person that he trusts immediately, upon learning about Bonnie's death, Stefan told Caroline that he would always be for her as she has always been for him, Caroline helped to Stefan with all his problems lately.

It is speculated by many fans that their friendship could become like the friendship shared between Stefan and Lexi and perhaps in the future a romantic relationship. The friendship and possibly romantic pairing is known as "Steroline" by the fans.

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